This page provides information for AerialKnotics’ team members.  This isn’t linked from our site and is not indexed by search engines.

Mission Statement

Our passion is gifting diverse and sex-positive ways to help participants express their inner kink and creativity in a welcoming, safe, consent-driven space.”

…a kick-ass BDSM rope camp like no other.


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AerialKnotics 2023 Build at Night

AerialKnotics 2024

For 2024 we applied for a 10,000 square foot site (929 square meters) with 100 feet (30 meters) of street frontage in Black Rock City. The illustration below is from the 2024 Placed Camp Questionnaire we submitted to the Burning Man Project in March. 

The center rectangles in the illustration are the shade structures for our public Interactivity Area, and private sections including Residential Area containing team members’ tents, Kitchen & Dining Area, and the Shag-ri La out back.

  • Interactivity Area
    • 72′ x 27′ (22m x 8.25m) shade structure
    • Aerial rigs, dungeon furniture, sound system and pretty lights
    • Folding tables for classroom materials and a few chairs
  • Residential Area
    • 54′ x 27′ (16.5m x 8.25m) shade structure
    • 10′ x 10′ (3m x 3m) area for each tent space
  • Kitchen & Dining Area
    • 18′ x 27′ (5.5m x 8.25m) shade structure
    • Hot & cold filtered drinking water
    • Fully equipped kitchen detailed in a section below
    • Large dining table and a couple dozen dining chairs
  • Shag-ri La
    • 10′ x 20′ (3m x 6m) shade structure adjacent to infrastructure trailer
    • The Tent of Happy Happy Joy Joy is for team members and their reasonable guests.  You use it, you clean it.  Nuff said.  
    • A delightfully short walk or crawl from the THHJJ to AerialKnotics’ fully equipped bathroom and ridiculously large shower 

Our shade structures contain interior lighting and we will be highlighting the street frontage with a color outline at night.  Spot lamps, color-selectable lighting and sound system will amp up our evening AerialKnotics Labs and stage performances.

The Aerial Arts Display at each front corner near the street is for visual impact and will not be used for performances or practice.  This matched pair of 20′ tall (6m) simulated bamboo aerial rigs are built from 3″ diameter (7cm) ABS plastic painted bamboo color.  Their only function is to suspend a large AerialKnotics banner sign near the street and a location for attaching additional nighttime lighting and spotlights.

Bicycles are welcome to park under the Aerial Arts Display (fake pair of Shibari rigs) and anywhere between but we cannot allow bikes to crowd into the street.  When we have larger crowds (usually the basic rope class) we will need a team member to help guide guest parking off the street.

We are bringing a 1978 GMC Motorhome (disco-era classic some will recognize) and outlining the front profile with color LEDs along with the AerialKnotics Freightliner truck.  

All theme camps receive placement from the Burning Man Project in June.  Once we have our placement we will let everyone know our specific location in Black Rock City.  


Camping equipment

AerialKnotics provides shade structure space for all team members.  We will accommodate team members traveling long distances on a case by case basis.  For team members where driving and bringing gear in a car is impractical or impossible we will arrange and bring additional equipment in the AerialKnotics truck and amortize a share of those costs with that team member.  We want to attract the best team members regardless of geographic location – from anywhere in the world.

We are limited on space and may or may not be able to accommodate any additional RVs.  Our priority is maintaining generous space for classrooms & performances, visual impact of the camp, fully shaded space for team members’ tents, and facilities available to all team members.  


Kitchen equipment & Utensils

  • Electric 12-cup coffee maker with two insulated carafes, 3-burner propane cooktop, other appliances, storage racks for kitchen gear.
  • Residential-size pots & pans, cooking utensils and other meal prep essentials.  If you need our specific inventory please contact zoot.
  • We bring and provide a full set of plates, bowls, cups, knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks for team members to use in our camp.  Durable Corelle dinnerware, acrylic drinking glasses, ceramic coffee mugs, stainless steel flatware.  
  • We recommend bringing your own portable drinking container for use on playa and in bar camps (some laminate a copy of their ID to their cup for over-21 bars).  And your own edgy or offensive coffee mug.
  • Trash/recycling/compost bins.  We take recycling seriously and are bringing composting bags for transfer to a composting camp.


Food & Water

Placeholder… we are providing breakfast and a few additional meals [details TBD, will update this section asap]


Other consumables

Where does it all go

  • AerialKnotics hauls away about 3 tons of wastewater and 1 ton of sewage for disposal off-playa.  
  • We dispose specific materials at on-playa burner camps that collect composting, clean aluminum and glass.  
  • We haul the camp’s trash, remaining recycling and sewage for disposal in Cedarville California.  



We don’t intend to add a bunch of rules – we are very selective with who our team is.  Everyone will pull their own weight.

We each bring our own skills and background. We will list some specifics in an update to this section [TBD – asap] and not everyone will be able to do all the things we list.   



Looking beyond 2024 our plans are to continue refining and improving AerialKnotics without increasing our real estate footprint and without significant population growth. AerialKnotics’ activities are only possible with our team members – everything we do is designed to provide this team with an excellent platform so we can gift these experiences to participants who choose to visit AerialKnotics.  We will relentlessly refine our impact each year – with continued improvements to the camp’s infrastructure, visual impact, and environmental stewardship.  

We will never allow generators to be operated in this camp.  In the future we will further reduce on-playa emissions by replacing our current propane hot water heaters with passive solar and we may replace our propane kitchen cooktop with a solar electric stove.  In future years we plan to design, build and implement a solar powered on-playa water evaporator to reduces the grey-water weight we currently haul away for off-playa disposal.  

We plan to freely share details of AerialKnotics’ 2024 infrastructure with the burner community and anyone else who is interested.  Our founding team would be thrilled to see multiple copies and clones of the AerialKnotics infrastructure system scattered all over Black Rock City in the future.  



AerialKnotics is a new camp for 2024 with origins that trace back several years in Black Rock City.  Our leads Kendra, Saha, and zoot previously participated in Campocalypse – a theme camp that will also be in Black Rock City in 2024.  The three of us built and refined many things in previous years and decided to establish a new camp for 2024 using our infrastructure and experiences.