Interactive Class:  Introduction to Shibari Rope Bondage

Bayowolf & Pearl, GMTx, Knotty Guy, zoot

After covering the requirements of negotiation and enthusiastic consent, we will teach you safety, types of rope, square knot, rope extension, single and double column ties, Y-hanger, and rope handling, and rope tension. Tie-along – Partner optional.  

This class fills up fast… please park your bike where it doesn’t block the road.  Thank you!  

1pm-2pm  Monday  8/26/2024
1pm-2pm  Tuesday  8/27/2024
1pm-2pm  Wednesday  8/28/2024
1pm-2pm  Thursday  8/29/2024
1pm-2pm  Friday  8/30/2024

Interactive Class:  Intermediate Shibari Rope Bondage

Bayowolf & Pearl, Knotty Guy

Using what you learned in the Intro class, or if you already know the basics, the Intermediate class will teach a sampling of useful Shibari style harnesses that can be used for more advanced ties. Partner preferred but still optional.

This class also fills up fast, please park your bike where it doesn’t block the road.  Thanks!

2pm-3pm  Monday  8/26/2024
2pm-3pm  Wednesday  8/28/2024
2pm-3pm  Friday  8/30/2024

Shibari Rope Bondage Jam

Rope class attendees desiring more instruction are invited to practice what they’ve learned. 

3pm-4pm  Monday  8/26/2024
3pm-4pm  Wednesday  8/28/2024
3pm-4pm  Friday  8/30/2024

Interactive Class:  Introduction to IMPACT PLAY

Saha & zoot

After covering the requirements of negotiation and enthusiastic consent we will show and demonstrate different types of impact toys and how to safely use them in fun and satisfying ways. Partner optional.  

2pm-3pm  Tuesday  8/27/2024
2pm-3pm  Thursday  8/29/2024

Interactive Class:  Rope Harnesses, Dresses, and Bondage, Oh My

-riggerMu & DrMeep

Learn how to create a custom rope dress or harness and saunter off wearing one of your very own.  We’ll teach each skill twice so everyone has a chance to practice.  All rope is provided and is yours to keep.  Choose from a rainbow of colored rope to show off to the playa!  Pick your favorite color, or mix and match.  Rope dresses are comfy and pretty and can be worn for hours!  

11:30am-12:30pm Monday  8/26/2024
11:30am-12:30pm Wednesday  8/28/2024

Interactive Class:  A better butterfly chest harness 

ZenJute & Perseme

In this class you’ll learn how to tie the comfortable and versatile arms-free suspendible butterfly chest harness, with some interesting variations.  We include some innovations from the Gorgone design to make it safer and more sustainable.  This is an intermediate-level rope class for those with some experience.  

11:30am-12:30pm Tuesday  8/27/2024


ZenJute & Perseme

Tag along as a rope bottom shares the depth of their progressive “taking” experience, as each rope guides them down the path to surrender.  The rope bottom will verbally share their feelings and experience as they are tied, suspended, and tormented.  This is not a tie-along class, but questions are encouraged.  

11:30am-12:30pm Thursday  8/29/2024

Fiber Optic Floggers 2022 01

The AerialKnotics Dungeon

A different kinda open house… drop in and participate with Lights, Sound, Action! We set the stage for your scene… feel free to enjoy consensual BDSM with our kink-ass dungeon furniture mixed with the right kinda background music under pretty lights.  We provide the play space and you need to BYOFUT (Bring Your Own Fucked Up Toys).

8PM-Midnight  Sunday  8/25/2024
8PM-Midnight  Monday  8/26/2024
8PM-Midnight  Thursday  8/29/2024

Evening Performance: Knotty Bubbles

Knotty Guy & Bubbles

Come see Fayth-on-Fire, otherwise known as Bubbles get hogtied with rope, wrapped in balloons, suspended, spun and wincing in fear by popping balloons in a playful Shibari suspension by Knotty_Guy_1000.

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8:30pm-9:30pm  Tuesday  8/27/2024

Evening PerformanceS:  Connection,
& Catch and Release

Connection:  Experience the dynamics of power exchange through rope bondage and suspension.  Watch as a couple with more than four decades of life together share that bond with you as they engage in an intimate suspension scene.  With the rope and his touch he can uplift her, expose her, restrict her, hurt her or set her free as they communicate their shared needs and desires through deep interconnection.  

Bayowolf & Pearl

Catch and Release:  Engage in a couple’s journey of surrender and rebirth as they explore progressive taking of space, movement and freedom using rope suspension, torsion, and compression.  Then when all is taken, see it given back in a beautiful story of rebirth, flight and dance.  

ZenJute & Perseme

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8:30pm-10:30pm  Wednesday  8/28/2024

Jolly_rigs and KendraFolds

Evening Performances:  Tormenting Rope,
& Electric Shibari Violin

Tormenting Rope:  Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery through tormenting rope.  From three dimensional uplines to torsions, tensions, twists and endurance, this story will explore connection, power exchange, taking, exposure, shame, surrender, and relief.  This will be an inspirational evening and experience. 

ZenJute & Perseme

Shibari Electric Violin:  Experience a damn unique performance – where a Shibari rope expert suspends a violinist who continues to play music in intense bondage – unbelievable until you see and hear this live on stage.  

Jolly & KendraFolds

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8:30pm-10:30pm  Friday  8/30/2024

Group Meditation

Group Meditation led by a Monk.  Recenter and reconnect with your Inner Playa.  


10AM-11am  Monday  8/26/2024
10AM-11am Tuesday  8/27/2024
10AM-11am Wednesday  8/28/2024
10AM-11am Thursday  8/29/2024
10AM-11am Friday  8/30/2024
10AM-11am Saturday  8/31/2024
10AM-11am Sunday  9/1/2024

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