AerialKnotics Basic Rope Bondage

Learn the fundamentals of Shibari, the art of rope bondage.  We will teach you safety, single, double column ties, the zip snare cuff, and basic harness. Partner optional. Maybe take home some free rope.

This class fills up fast… please park your bike where it doesn’t block the road.  Thanks!

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1pm-3pm  Monday  8/29
1pm-3pm  Wednesday  8/30
3pm-5pm  Friday  9/1

Evening Performance – Rope Suspension Bondage

A performance by Shibari practitioners with years of experience, choreographed to music and illuminated with blacklights.  Two artists in our camp have pushed the edges in cities worldwide.

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8pm  Tuesday  8/29 

Evening Performance – Blacklight Bondage, Impact & Wax Play

Take a trip to the wild side watching this demonstration. Rope bondage and dripped wax, both fluorescent, are a radically delightful combination glowing from the blacklights.  And perhaps an illuminated flogger here and there.

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8pm  Thursday  8/31

Ice Water Floggings

Gentle and refreshing introduction to flogging. Come escape the heat of the playa in an exciting new way.

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2pm-5pm  Tuesday  8/29
2pm-4pm  Thursday  8/31
1pm-3pm  Friday  9/1

Introduction to Flogging

Learn the basics of having an impactful time. We cover safety essentials and negotiation then swing right into technique.  Partner optional. 

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11am-1pm  Friday  9/1


Reconnect yourself at the dusty center of the universe with instruction at any level needed.  Explore your Inner Playa guided by a professional, a Monk of the Ishaya Order, with a quarter century of ommmm experience.

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10am-11am  Monday 8/28
10am-11am Tuesday  8/29
10am-11am  Wednesday  8/30
10am-11am  Thursday  8/31
10am-11am  Friday  9/1

Shibari Art Bicycle Tour

Ride a bicycle to an art piece with a friend. Tie that friend to the art piece. Maybe untie them. Repeat. Isn’t that what Burning Man is all about?  When we leave without you at 11:10am, check the white board and figure out where we went.

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11am-1pm  Tuesday  8/29
11am-1pm  Thursday  8/31

Shibari & Flight Experience

Calling all rope bondage cadets – Get strapped into ropes, maybe take off the ground defying gravity, or watch and learn. You can even come with a special request and we’ll fulfill it if we can.

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3pm-5pm  Monday  8/29
3pm-5pm  Wednesday  8/30
3pm-5pm  Thursday  8/31

Tarot Card Readings

Have your future be told by the mystics of the far western coast.

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11am-1pm  Monday  8/28
11am-1pm  Wednesday  8/30