2023 Build

Would you like to be a key part of the AerialKnotics team in 2024?

We are seeking experienced rope tops (single or tying pair) with a passion for teaching from anywhere in the world. If you have the experience and qualifications, please contact us at info@aerialknotics.com

AerialKnotics’ unique camp infrastructure is designed to help all of us be our best.

  • Our 4,100 square foot (381 square meter) dual-layer canopy + Aluminet shade structure covers your tent from direct sun along with camp members’ dining and socialization area, and a shaded public space in the front half of the camp.
  • Fully equipped bathroom with sink and flush toilet, and a large heated shower (within water conservation limits)
  • Drinking water for all team members.
  • Full kitchen with pressurized hot & cold water run through dual 5.0µ + 0.5µ filtration, cooking facilities, essential appliances, utensils and plates/bowls/glasses.
  • Hot breakfast (oatmeal, pancakes, bacon, etc.) and some additional meals.  And coffee!
  • 100% solar electricity powers our water system, wastewater handling, camp illumination, sound system, and charging stations for team members’ electronic devices.
  • AerialKnotics’ entire camp infrastructure (solar/water/kitchen/bathroom/shower/sanitation) was designed and built from scratch by the camp’s founders.


  • We are a small high-impact working camp, a radically self-reliant team of twenty.  We are not a concierge camp. 
  • Our standard camp fees are $500 USD.  For long distance travelers we can provide tent, air mattress, sleeping bag, bike, and/or cooler for additional cost.
  • We are limited on RVs due to space and no generators are run in this camp. 
  • We may have a few tickets to allocate, but each team member should assume responsibility for independently arranging event ticket purchase.